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List of televised Rugby League on Super League +...

Times Listed are Local to Sydney

All matches on Super League + Available Internationally

Friday 16th February

7:00am Hull FC v Hull KR

Saturday 17th February

7:00aLeeds v Salford

7:00am Leigh v Huddersfield

7:00am St Helens v London

Sunday 18th February

2:00am Castleford v Wigan

4:30am Catalan v Warrington

Friday 23rd February

7:00am Hull KR v Leeds

Saturday 24th February

7:00am London v Catalan

7:00aWarrington v Hull FC*

Sunday 25th February

4:30am Huddersfield v St Helens

7:00am Wigan v Penrith*

Saturday 2nd March

7:00aSt Helens v Leigh*

7:00aWarrington v Castleford

7:00aWigan v Huddersfield

Sunday 3rd March

2:00am Leeds v Catalan*

4:30am Salford v Hull KR

Monday 4th March

2:00am Hull FC v London

Friday 8th March

7:00am Hull KR v Warrington*

Saturday 9th March

7:00am Castleford v Huddersfield

7:00am Leigh v Leeds*

7:00am St Helens v Salford

Sunday 10th March

2:00am London v Wigan

4:30am Catalan v Hull FC

Friday 15th March

7:00am Salford v Wigan*

Saturday 16th March

7:00am Leeds v St Helens*

Sunday 17th March

2;00am Huddersfield v Hull KR

2:00am Hull FC v Leigh

4:30am Catalan v Castleford

Monday 18th March

2:00am London v Warrington

Good Friday 29th March

7:00am Castleford v Leeds*

11:30pm Hull KR v Hull FC*

Easter Saturday 30th March

2:00am St Helens v Wigan*

Easter Sunday 31st March

1:00am Warrington v Catalan*

3:30am Salford v Leigh*

Easter Monday 1st April

1:00am London v Huddersfield*

Friday 5th April

6:00am Leigh v Wigan*

Saturday 6th April

6:00aCastleford v Salford

6:00aLeeds v Warrington*

6:00aHull KR v London

Sunday 7th April

1:00am Hull FC v Huddersfield

2:30am Catalan v St Helens

Saturday 20th April

5:00am Leeds v Huddersfield*

5:00am St Helens v Hull FC

5:00am Wigan v Castleford

Sunday 21st April

Midnight Warrington v Leigh*

2:30am Catalan v Hull KR

Monday 22nd April

Midnight London v Salford

Friday 26th April 

5:00am St Helens v Huddersfield*

Saturday 27th April

5:00aCastleford v London

5:00aLeigh v Catalan

5:00aHull KR v Wigan*

Sunday 28th April

Midnight Salford v Warrington

Monday 29th April

Midnight Hull FC v Leeds

Friday 3rd May

5:00am Wigan v Catalan*

Saturday 4th May

5:00am Huddersfield v Salford

5:00am Leeds v London

5:00am Warrington v Hull FC*

Sunday 5th May

Midnight Hull KR v St Helens

2:30am Leigh v Castleford

Friday 10th May

5:00am Warrington v Hull KR*

Saturday 11th May

5:00am Castleford v St Helens

5:00am Leigh v Salford

Sunday 12th May

Midnight Huddersfield v Wigan

2:30am Catalan v Leeds

Monday 13th May

Midnight London v Hull FC

Saturday 25th May

5:00am Castleford v Hull FC

5:00am Huddersfield v Leigh

5:00am St Helens v Leeds*

Sunday 26th May

Midnight Salford v Wigan

5:00am Catalan v Warrington*

Monday 27th May

Midnight London v Hull KR

Saturday 1st June

5:00am Huddersfield v Hull FC

5:00am Leeds v Castleford

5:00am St Helens v Catalan*

Sunday 2nd June

Midnight Wigan v Warrington*

2:30am Hull KR v Leigh

Monday 3rd June

Midnight Salford v London

Saturday 15th June

5:00am Castleford v Wigan

5:00am Hull KR v Huddersfield

5:00am Warrington v Salford*

Sunday 16th June

Midnight Hull FC v Leeds*

2:30am Catalan v Leigh

Monday 17th June

Midnight London v St Helens

Friday 21st June

5:00am Castleford v Hull KR*

Saturday 22nd June

5:00am Leeds v Leigh*

5:00am Wigan v London

Sunday 23rd June

Midnight Hull FC v Warrington

2:30am Catalan v Huddersfield

Monday 24th June

Midnight Salford v St Helens

Schedule from July onwards TBC


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