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Round 1

Thursday 10th March

9:05am Penrith v Manly

Friday 11th March

7:00am Canberra v Cronulla

9:05am Brisbane v South Sydney

Saturday 12th March

4:00am Sydney Roosters v Newcastle

6:30am NZ Warriors v St George Illawarra

8:35am Wests Tigers v Melbourne

Sunday 13th March

5:05am Parramatta v Gold Coast

7:15am North Queensland v Canterbury

Round 2

Thursday 17th March

9:05am Melbourne v South Sydney

Friday 18th March

7:00am St George Illawarra v Penrith

9:05am Sydney Roosters v Manly

Saturday 19th March

4:00am Gold Coast v NZ Warriors

6:30am Cronulla v Parramatta

8:35am North Queensland v Canberra

Sunday 20th March

5:05am Newcastle v Wests Tigers

7:15am Canterbury v Brisbane

Round 3

Thursday 24th March

9:05am St George Illawarra v Cronulla

Friday 25th March

7:00am Wests Tigers v NZ Warriors

9:05am South Sydney v Sydney Roosters

Saturday 26th March

4:00am Penrith v Newcastle

6:30am Melbourne v Parramatta

8:35am Canberra v Gold Coast

Sunday 27th March

6:05am Brisbane v North Queensland

8:15am Manly v Canterbury

Round 4

Thursday 31st March

10:05am Gold Coast v Wests Tigers

Friday 1st April

8:00am Cronulla v Newcastle

10:05am Penrith v South Sydney

Saturday 2nd April

5:00am NZ Warriors v Brisbane

7:30am Manly v Canberra

9:35am North Queensland v Sydney Roosters

Sunday 3rd April

7:05am Melbourne v Canterbury

9:15am Parramatta v St George Illawarra

Round 5

Thursday 7th April

10:54am Newcastle v Manly

Friday 8th April

9:00am NZ Warriors v North Queensland

10:59am Brisbane v Sydney Roosters

Saturday 9th April

6:00am Canberra v Melbourne

8:30am South Sydney v St George Illawarra

10:35am Gold Coast v Parramatta

Sunday 10th April

7:05am Cronulla v Wests Tigers

9:15am Canterbury v Penrith#

Round 6

Thursday 14th April

10:54am Canberra v North Queensland

Good Friday 15th April

7:00am South Sydney v Canterbury

10:59am Penrith v Brisbane

Easter Saturday 16th April

8:30am Manly v Gold Coast

10:35am Melbourne v Cronulla

Easter Sunday 17th April

5:00am Sydney Roosters v NZ Warriors

7:05am St George Illawarra v Newcastle

Easter Monday 18th April

7:00am Parramatta v Wests Tigers

Round 7

Thursday 21st April

10:54am Cronulla v Manly

Friday 22nd April

10:59am Brisbane v Canterbury

Saturday 23rd April

8:30am North Queensland v Gold Coast

10:35am Wests Tigers v South Sydney

Sunday 24th April

5:00am Newcastle v Parramatta

7:05am Penrith v Canberra

Monday 25th April (ANZAC Day)

7:05am St George Illawarra v Sydney Roosters

10:00am Melbourne v NZ Warriors

Round 8

Thursday 28th April

10:54am Brisbane v Cronulla

Friday 29th April

9:00am Gold Coast v Penrith

10:59am South Sydney v Manly

Saturday 30th April

6:00am NZ Warriors v Canberra

8:30am Canterbury v Sydney Roosters

10:35am Parramatta v North Queensland

Sunday 1st May

5:00am Newcastle v Melbourne

7:05am St George Illawarra v Wests Tigers

Round 9

Thursday 5th May

10:54am South Sydney v Brisbane

Friday 6th May

9:00am Canberra v Canterbury

10:59am Penrith v Parramatta

Saturday 7th May

6:00am Manly v Wests Tigers

8:30am Sydney Roosters v Gold Coast

10:35am North Queensland v Newcastle

Sunday 8th May

5:00am Melbourne v St George Illawarra

7:05am Cronulla v NZ Warriors

Round 10 (Magic Weekend)

Friday 13th May

9:00am Canterbury v Newcastle

11:05am Manly v Brisbane

Saturday 14th May

6:00am NZ Warriors v South Sydney

8:30am Gold Coast v St George Illawarra

10:45am Melbourne v Penrith

Sunday 15th May

4:50am Cronulla v Canberra

7:05am Sydney Roosters v Parramatta

9:25am Wests Tigers v North Queensland

Round 11

Thursday 19th May

10:54am Newcastle v Brisbane

Friday 20th May

9:00am Wests Tigers v Canterbury

10:59am Parramatta v Manly

Saturday 21st May

6:00am St George Illawarra v NZ Warriors

8:30am North Queensland v Melbourne

10:35am Sydney Roosters v Penrith

Sunday 22nd May

5:00am South Sydney v Canberra

7:05am Gold Coast v Cronulla

Round 12

Thursday 26th May

10:54am Melbourne v Manly

Friday 27th May

9:00am Penrith v North Queensland

10:59am Brisbane v Gold Coast

Saturday 28th May

6:00am NZ Warriors v Newcastle

8:30am South Sydney v Wests Tigers

10:35am Cronulla v Sydney Roosters

Sunday 29th May

5:00am Canterbury v St George Illawarra

7:05am Canberra v Parramatta

Round 13

Thursday 2nd June

10:54am Gold Coast v North Queensland

Friday 3rd June

10:59am Penrith v Canterbury

Saturday 4th June

10:35am Manly v NZ Warriors

Sunday 5th June

7:05am Canberra v Sydney Roosters

Round 14

Friday 10th June

10:59am North Queensland v St George Illawarra

Saturday 11th June

6:00am Gold Coast v South Sydney

8:30am Sydney Roosters v Melbourne

10:35am Brisbane v Canberra

Sunday 12th June

5:00am Wests Tigers v Manly

7:05am Newcastle v Penrith

9:15am NZ Warriors v Cronulla

Monday 13th June

7:00am Canterbury v Parramatta

Round 15

Thursday 16th June

10:54am St George Illawarra v South Sydney

Friday 17th June

9:00am Manly v North Queensland

10:59am Melbourne v Brisbane

Saturday 18th June

6:00am Cronulla v Gold Coast

8:30am NZ Warriors v Penrith

10:35am Parramatta v Sydney Roosters

Sunday 19th June

5:00am Canberra v Newcastle

7:05am Canterbury v Wests Tigers

Round 16

Thursday 30th June

10:54am Manly v Melbourne

Friday 1st July

9:00am Newcastle v Gold Coast

10:59am Penrith v Sydney Roosters

Saturday 2nd July

6:00am Canterbury v Cronulla

8:30am North Queensland v Brisbane

10:35am South Sydney v Parramatta

Sunday 3rd July

5:00am NZ Warriors v Wests Tigers

7:05am St George Illawarra v Canberra

Round 17

Thursday 7th July

10:54am Cronulla v Melbourne

Friday 8th July

10:59am Newcastle v South Sydney

Saturday 9th July

10:35am Wests Tigers v Parramatta

Sunday 10th July

7:05am Brisbane v St George Illawarra

Round 18

Friday 15th July

9:00am North Queensland v Cronulla

10:59am Parramatta v NZ Warriors

Saturday 16th July

6:00am Sydney Roosters v St George Illawarra

8:30am Manly v Newcastle

10:35am Gold Coast v Brisbane

Sunday 17th July

5:00am Wests Tigers v Penrith

7:05am Melbourne v Canberra

9:15am Canterbury v South Sydney

Round 19

Thursday 21st July

10:54am Parramatta v Brisbane

Friday 22nd July

9:00am St George Illawarra v Manly

10:59am Newcastle v Sydney Roosters

Saturday 23rd July

6:00am Canberra v NZ Warriors

8:30am Penrith v Cronulla

10:35am South Sydney v Melbourne

Sunday 24th July

5:00am Canterbury v Gold Coast

7:05am North Queensland v Wests Tigers

Round 20

Thursday 28th July

10:54am Manly v Sydney Roosters

Friday 29th July

9:00am NZ Warriors v Melbourne

10:59am Parramatta v Penrith

Saturday 30th July

6:00am Gold Coast v Canberra

8:30am Cronulla v South Sydney

10:35am Brisbane v Wests Tigers

Sunday 24th July

5:00am Newcastle v Canterbury

7:05am St George Illawarra v North Queensland

Round 21

Thursday 4th August

10:54am Sydney Roosters v Brisbane

Friday 5th August

9:00am Melbourne v Gold Coast

10:59am Manly v Parramatta

Saturday 6th August

6:00am South Sydney v NZ Warriors

8:30am Canberra v Penrith

10:35am Cronulla v St George Illawarra

Sunday 7th August

5:00am Canterbury v North Queensland

7:05am Wests Tigers v Newcastle

Round 22

Thursday 11th August

10:54am Penrith v Melbourne

Friday 12th August

9:00am NZ Warriors v Canterbury

10:59am Parramatta v South Sydney

Saturday 13th August

6:00am Sydney Roosters v North Queensland

8:30am Wests Tigers v Cronulla

10:35am Brisbane v Newcastle

Sunday 14th August

5:00am Canberra v St George Illawarra

7:05am Gold Coast v Manly

Round 23

Thursday 18th August

10:54am South Sydney v Penrith

Friday 19th August

9:00am North Queensland v NZ Warriors

10:59am Brisbane v Melbourne

Saturday 20th August

6:00am Parramatta v Canterbury

8:30am Manly v Cronulla

10:35am Sydney Roosters v Wests Tigers

Sunday 21st August

5:00am St George Illawarra v Gold Coast

7:05am Newcastle v Canberra

Round 24

Thursday 25th August

10:54am Brisbane v Parramatta

Friday 26th August

9:00am Penrith v NZ Warriors

10:59am Melbourne v Sydney Roosters

Saturday 27th August

6:00am Canberra v Manly

8:30am Cronulla v Canterbury

10:35am South Sydney v North Queensland

Sunday 28th August

5:00am Wests Tigers v St George Illawarra

7:05am Gold Coast v Newcastle

Round 25

Thursday 1st September

10:54am Parramatta v Melbourne

Friday 2nd September

9:00am Canterbury v Manly

10:59am Sydney Roosters v South Sydney

Saturday 3rd September

6:00am NZ Warriors v Gold Coast

8:30am St George Illawarra v Brisbane

10:35am North Queensland v Penrith

Sunday 4th September

5:00am Newcastle v Cronulla

7:05am Wests Tigers v Canberra

Finals - Week 1

Friday 9th September

10:50am 1st Place v 4th Place

Saturday 10th September

8:40am 5th Place v 8th Place

10:45am 2nd Place v 3rd Place

Sunday 11 September

7:05am 6th Place v 7th Place

Finals - Week 2

Friday 16th September

10:50am Semi Final 1

Saturday 17th September

10:50am Semi Final 2

Finals - Week 3

Friday 23rd September

10:50am Preliminary Final 1

Saturday 24th September

10:50am Preliminary Final 2

Grand Final

Sunday 2nd October

9:30am Grand Final